When Gratitude Meets Trust

Happy Monday!  I’m stoked, nervous, laughing, and choking as I announce with one fist raised in the air:  we’re launching our new website today for Badass Backpacks, at www.badassbackpacks.com!  I’m at Flightpath coffeehouse with Rusty, and he’s hard at work to put the final polish and finishing touches before making the new site live …

I have not seen this new website yet.  Nope.  Not even once.  Am I serious?  Yes.  This is an experiment.

As Rusty and I leapt into our work for 2017, it came to pass that he was cranking to build our new website (critical path #2), while I’ve been cranking on our other two critical paths – building more bags (#1) and developing our brand, identity, model, and plan (#3).  The work has looked a lot like this: 

Rusty working on Badass Backpacks Website - Fightpath Coffeehouse Austin, TX

Notice, I can’t see his screen.  🙂  At a certain point, we figured out that I still hadn’t seen any of the design or build-out work.  Of course we have talked, and charted, and sketched, and card sorted, and discussed, and deliberated certain parts of the website.  But time went by, and we laughed about the possibility of having the site go live without me ever laying eyes on it.  For a small bootstrapped project, where both founders are immersed in SO many things all at one time, wearing so many hats all at once:  time is precious.  And so is Trust.  Decisions need to be made.  Rusty has extended an incredible amount of Trust in me to ship our bags — and now it’s my turn to extend that Trust right back to him for the website.  I am Grateful beyond words for this Trust.

So here we are, and here we go.  Taking steps forward on our path to becoming Badass Backpacks.  I’m excited to check out the next phase, our new website … hold your breath with me, and stay tuned on www.badassbackpacks.com —- you, me, and all of us: we will all be seeing Rusty’s hard work together for the first time.  No pressure Rusty.  😉   

Our original website was just a rotating gif, our current website landing looks like this, and next phase of the website launching in … 3… 2… 1?  🙂  Coming right up …

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