Rogue Bag #53

Last week we shipped more bags!  Exciting!  Bag #34 is in route to Saint Paul, Minnesota and bag #53 was shipped to Boston, arrived in Boston, but is now missing in action in Boston.  Our first rogue bag — unintentionally lost in the wild.  Was it stolen?  Taken by mistake?  We only know that it’s missing.

Backstory: friend of Badass Backpacks, Diana, purchased a bag as a gift for her friend, who lives in Boston.  The bag was successfully shipped; unfortunately, the bag spent the night on the back porch where it was delivered, and, well … friend never got the bag.  Diana put a lot of heart and soul into making this gift special.  We collaborated to load the bag up with some special books, and handwritten letters to boot.  It looked like this:


Bag #53 and Seth Godin's Book, Your Turn

Bag #53 About to Ship

Depending on how you look at it, if the bag was stolen, they were either very happy with what they found, or perhaps very disappointed.  Whosoever it may be that has bag #53 — I hope you know that I celebrate the fact that you have it.  I imagine you opening the box, and having to work through all those layers of packaging to see what’s inside.  And what in the world goes through your mind as you discover the books that were packed inside the bag?  And the letters?  Will you read them?  Will you consider that maybe those words were written for you? … but I digress.  Have no fear.  We are super pumped to leap to action — we’re loading up a new bag, bag #54, that will ship out very soon as a replacement.  Upside?  Two bags shipped to the Boston area.  

To friends who are in Saint Paul and Boston areas — be on the lookout for our beautiful bags floating around your cities and your places.  Huge thank you here to our newest bag buyers!  So awesome to add two new cities to our shipped list… and it makes us smile that bag #53 is out there somewhere.  Sincerity Inside, gone rogue.

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