Self Reflection Sample Bags

Self Reflection Sample Backpacks in Eli Halpin Studio

Look at those beautiful bags!  Self Reflection sample bags arrived last week.  Exhausted and completely depleted of energy, Rusty still made the trip up to North Austin late at night to celebrate with me the day they appeared.  I’ve been waiting for the right moment to share the samples here on the blog.  When I first mentioned that our sample bags were in production, I truly thought that they were going to be in my hands by Feb 13.  Today is March 14.  One month behind my goal.  Seems I have to keep learning the same lesson over and over … these things take time.  Time makes their arrival even sweeter.

Rusty and I have some work to do — some changes to make to the fabric printing, and some small tweaks to work on with our maker.  But we’ll be in a short run production round before you know it!  Our new goal is to have pre-orders for these bags ready to go by May 1.  Self Reflection, on its way.  It’s going to be a beautiful springtime!  

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