Spring has Sprung into Motion

Happy Springtime!  Happy Fall to our Southern Hemisphere friends!  I love the changing of the seasons, and the arrival of spring has unsurprisingly brought me an extra skip to my step.

With spring break / SXSW wrapped up and with the arrival of our new sample bags, we’re in full motion on so much all at one time.  What are we up to?  Here’s a first day of Spring update:

Photoshop, photoshop, photoshop:  staring at photoshop for 3 hours a day is about my limit, so it will likely take us a few more days to make all of the needed tweaks to our fabric print files so that we can get our adjustments printed and ready for final approval.  I’m hoping to have our full fabric print run in motion in early April to keep us on track for rolling out Self Reflection bags as soon as is possible.

Which means it’s time to work on our packaging fun:  we’ve been playing with packaging ideas for Self Reflection.  Tissue paper, boxes, and tags, oh my.  Here’s a snippet peak at the tissue paper work (the background comes from Eli’s Polar Bear painting, and the handwriting comes from my Mother, Paula Lemmon):

Self Reflection - tissue paper for packaging.  Artwork by Eli Halpin

And if that wasn’t enough, of course, the springtime is teaming up with post-SXSW energy to have us overflowing with new ideas, new adventures, and new goals.  Not losing focus on our 3 critical paths, balancing that with new ideas, and not being afraid to go with the flow.

Open sourcing backpack design:  This TED talk (whole thing is worth a listen but start at the ~6:50 mark if you’re skimming) gets me smiling and dreaming big about how Badass Backpacks could do some leading by open-sourcing our backpack patterns.  New ideas are brewing.

Funding search: lastly, I’ve been meaning to announce that Badass Backpacks is officially searching for funding!  Don’t worry — the world is doing a really good job of preparing us for how ridiculous, how difficult, and how long this journey is going to be.  We know that we have a lot to learn, but with the arrival of the blue bonnets and with the springtime blooming of everything around us: it’s time to kick that learning into high gear.  We are leaping, and our search for funding is in motion.

My 3 kids dancing in the blue bonnets

Spring is here:  keep moving.

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  1. I work with Digiwrap (custom tissue paper). We received your message through Linked In and we would love to feature your company on our website. Please contact me back for more info!

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