Limited Edition:  The First 100 – Sincerity Inside

Most of our followers here already know that we are mega stoked to be preparing for Self Reflection, our newest bags.  Pre-orders for Self Reflection will start on May 1 on our website.  I’ll be flying out to Vancouver, Washington during May where our bags are being crafted with love, and then we’ll start shipping these bags in June as soon as they’re ready to go.  We’re working hard to make it happen.  (I’ll get some updates posted on the blog as we go, but if you haven’t started following us on Instagram, give us a follow there — my blogging action has switched mostly to Instagram these days.)  We are beyond excited for Self Reflection to be up for sale.  And that makes right now the perfect moment to reflect on The First 100.

The First 100 - Sincerity Inside

The First100

In 2016, we began selling our first bag production ever:  Sincerity Inside.  We refer to this first run of bags as “The First 100”.  The First 100 bags made by Badass Backpacks — Limited Edition, numbered, and hand-signed by the artist, Cheryl Hicks.  If you want the chance to own one of our first bags, you can still get one.  We have about 30 left to sell.  And they’re available on our website, waiting to join you on your journey, waiting to beg of you the question: what happens when you choose to bring your full self?  When you choose to show up, and face the front?  What happens when you put yourself inside?  These are great questions for all of the bags that we are creating, but especially for Sincerity Inside; and that means this bag was the perfect place to start.  Our First 100 bags are exactly that.

I’ve thanked Cheryl over and over again (and I’ve thanked so many of you who follow this blog, over and over again) for helping us bring The First 100 to life.  So here I am, on the ledge of leaping into selling our second bag production — and as I reflect on this tiny beautiful inventory of bags we have left to sell, I cannot help but smile.  And I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the continuing flood of gratitude I am swimming in, so grateful to have worked on this round of bags, Sincerity Inside.

You still have time to be a first follower.  If I had to guess, I’d say you probably have a little bit more time.  Maybe through the end of the year?  Maybe less time?  There are only 100 made.  And about 30 of them left to sell.  Once they’re gone, they’re gone — they’ll be out in the world carrying what you’ve chosen to put inside.

Sincerity Inside

What’s Next

As for us and what’s next:  Self Reflection is a beautiful next step.  We can’t wait to start shipping these bags.  Pre-orders start May 1!  And then… well, then it’s time to pick up the pace.  More bags coming this summer!  I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait … BUT WAIT! … wait a moment, because it all started with The First 100.


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