Things are Changing for the Polar Bears

The sample bags for Self Reflection are beautiful — those are the bags we’re using in all of the photos that have gone up on Instagram / Facebook and on this blog.  Those 4 bags are each going to see a few changes between what you see in the samples, and the final production.  The changes are small, but they’re worth mentioning.  Let’s start with the Polar Bear bag.  Things are changing for the Polar Bears.

The Lid

Most notable change:  we printed the Polar Bear bag lid upside down.  Zoinks!  This was a mistake that I made on the Photoshop file prep.  And of course, for the final production bags, we want to get this fixed.  The new lids look like this:

Polar Bear Bag - Lid Changes

Earlier today, I was attending the Small Biz Festival here in Austin (wonderful event – I’m loving the content, and the people I’m meeting are all a new source of encouragement).  During one of the breaks I got to chat with some folks about the work that we’re doing.  In that casual conversation, I shared some of the print file images that we are using to print our fabric, and the “oooo’s”  and the “aaaa’s” that sharing these drew were an uplifting surprise.  One person (didn’t get her name) upon seeing the below image said, “wow, that’s such an amazing way to look at the artwork.  I see it completely differently now.”  This gives me the warm fuzzies.  I couldn’t agree more with her.  Below is a low-res image of the final printed fabric pattern for the Polar Bear bag from Self Reflection.  Enjoy!

Printed Fabric - Self Reflection, Polar Bear (original artwork by Eli Halpin)

(In the next few days, I’ll be posting some details about each of the other Self Reflection bags and the changes to expect on the printed portions of those bags too.  Original artwork featured on the Self Reflection bags is by Eli Halpin.)

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