Oil Spills Blend In – Walrus Bag Changes

The first few shots I took of the Walrus bag were outside, and when I got them back to my computer — hehehe… they blended in like camouflage.  Like this:

Walrus Bag from Self Reflection blending in

So we’ve decided to make some changes to the printed fabric for this bag.  By adding some color and adjusting the color levels all over, we think the new printed fabric will make this bag even more beautiful.  For those of you who are looking closely, the production bags will look a touch different.

Walrus Sample bag - front pocket fabric change

In addition to the slight coloring change we’ve also made a few cropping adjustments on this bag.  Minimal changes to the artwork layout.  Here’s what the full printed fabric pattern looks like for the finalized version of the walrus bag.

Walrus bag from Self Reflection - low res of final fabric printing

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