Sea Turtle Quartet

Our sample bag for Eli’s Sea Turtle Quartet painting was a bit off.  It’s hard to see the turtles.  From Sample Bags to Production Bags, this one will see the most drastic changes of the four.  We’ve changed the cropping on the printed fabric both inside and out.  A few people have started asking about the interior of these bags.  Stay tuned and I’ll post some details along with better pics of the inside of the bags.  In the meantime — here are some quick shots of fabric changes for the Sea Turtle bag, including a view of the final fabric print.

Sea Turtle Bag - Self Reflection - original artwork by Eli Halpin

Full printed fabric view:

Sea Turtle - print fabric layout - Original artwork by Eli Halpin

Interior of bag lid:

Self Reflection - Sea Turtle Quartet bag - original artwork by Eli Halpin

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