Inside the Box

If I preorder one of the Self Reflection bags, what will be inside the box when it ships?

Number One – The Box

We’ve designed some custom boxes for this project, and they are stop-you-in-your-tracks beautiful.  They feature beautifully printed snippets from Eli Halpin’s Oil Spill collection.

Self Reflection Box

Self Reflection Boxes - Turtle Side

Self Reflection Boxes - Polar Bear Side

Number Two – The Tissue Paper

Inside the box, the bag is wrapped in custom tissue paper – a backdrop of the drops that are part of the Polar Bear painting from Eli, and lettering work by Paula Lemmon.

Self Reflection Bag Wrapped

Self Reflection getting wrapped

Self Reflection - tissue paper for packaging. Artwork by Eli Halpin

Number Three – The Giclee Print

Each bag will also ship with a high quality giclee print of the artwork that’s featured on the bag.

Herons Oil Spill - 12.5 inches wide

Number Four – The Bag

Unwrap it all, and there is your new Badass Backpack.  Ready for you to put yourself inside.

Back of the Bag Doesn't Get Shown Enough :)

We’ve put a ton of love into the packaging and the process for shipping Self Reflection to your door step.  Packaging gives our bags an extra touch.  We want you to pause, even if just for a moment.  We want our packaging to grab your attention.  “Wait!”, the box screams — this might be important.  Slow down.  We want the experience of owning and using a Badass Backpack to give the wearer some comfort in asking big questions.  Intentional and beautiful packaging is where that starts.

Self Reflection Packaging

Stacked Boxes - Heron Side Facing Forward

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