Self Reflection Pre-orders Extended

We’re extending our Self Reflection pre-order availability through the end of June.  Yes, that means that if you are waiting to buy one of these bags, you can still order one at the reduced pre-order price of $200 (that’s $50 off and all pre-order bags will be hand signed by Eli Halpin – that’s a hell of a deal).  As soon as we get our bags in hand, we’ll be getting them signed by Eli and then boxed up and ready to go.  That’s also when we’ll change the price from $200 to $250 on our website.  So what gives?  Why are we extending the pre-order window?

I’m so embarrassed to bring news that we won’t have the first bags in hand until later in June.  I just recently traveled out to Vancouver, WA, where these bags are being made.  The trip to Vancouver was a really great journey.  And that gave me a lot to smile about; but, I must admit that following that trip I’ve been carrying a weight.  The weight of disappointment that we won’t have the first bags ready by my original expected date.  We waited, and waited, and waited some more before launching pre-orders to make sure that we had absolutely everything lined up … and yet here we are.  Right where I never want to be:  stuck in the waiting game as our step by step supply chain has met delay after delay.  Even though later than expected, we’re still more excited than ever that we will be shipping these bags out before you know it.  I just hate that I missed on our dates and expectations.  I’m blushing, and embarrassed.

Good news here:  I am sloughing off that feeling of disappointment.  At the end of the day, these kinds of delays happen.  Big picture — I know that we’ll still be able to ship out these bags very soon, and it’s not the end of the world.  If nothing else, this gives us a chance to tell more people about the amazing pre-order deal!  

To everyone who has preordered — I’ve sent you a separate email.  Thank you for believing in us!  The bags are gorgeous, and this project has been transformative for Badass Backpacks.  In moments like these, I grab a gut check and an encouraging nudge from Steven Pressfield.  Keep moving forward.  Pictured here is us, reading two of his works – The War of Art, and Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit.  🙂

Rusty and Adam, reading Steven Pressfield

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