6 things: sometimes separate, sometimes all at once

On the short page I posted about Badass Backpacks, one of the things I chose to call out are the 6 key ingredients that we’ve used as a guide for our creative process.  Some of you have seen me draw some version of this:

6 ingredients for a Badass Backpack

I’ve started (slowly) to post a few bits here and there about each of these pieces (here and here for example).  Today was a day when all of the ingredients came together.  Cheryl Hicks got her bag!  Bag #4 has a home — she posted some photos and a beautiful thank you on her blog…  it absolutely made me smile ear to ear!  I got notification from Cheryl at almost the exact moment that I was standing in front of the UPS store — shipping off bag #5.  A special gift.  And I was reflecting on all of this (standing at the package drop off)… and the bag, the Artist, the theme, the story, the chance to give a gift, a Tribe of Athenians sending messages of encouragement and excitement… and a picture of Cheryl with her bag.  Those ingredients came together magically today which was a neat feeling to carry all day long.

The 6 ingredients still deserve some more explanation.  Which they’ll get via some attention on this blog very soon.  There is a story to tell.  But first, I’m going to sit with and enjoy the final moments of this special Tuesday just a moment longer.  Another BFD session in the books.  I’m so grateful to see so many people in this small, pre-nascent tribe beginning to buzz with excitement!  Thank you everyone who was a part of smiling with me today…  Tomorrow, there’s work to be done.  🙂

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