Thank you Rusty! Thank you Eric!

Thank you Rusty Kocian!  Thank you Eric Oyler!  Oct 6th, 2015… tonight I was able to finally give Eric and Rusty their bags.  The first bags produced on our short run for “Sincerity Inside”.  We are still working with our maker (collaboration between Tucker & Bloom and Rock Solid Sewing & Design) to finish out the first lot of 100 bags.  They’ll be on sale soon enough.  To my small audience:  thank you for your patience.  I know so many people who are just busting at the seams to see these bags that I have been talking about so much.  While I pride myself on my own patience… this waiting and waiting and waiting is proving quite challenging.  And the wait is almost over.  While we get ourselves ready to finally ship — this is the perfect moment to get this blog launched.  As the post below says:  “hello world”.  This is my new blog – where I intend to start sharing more about what’s happening with Badass Backpacks.

And I want to start with a big, huge, gigantic, enormous:  THANK YOU!  I loved this daily cartoon from Hugh MacLeod:

The art work:

… In this case – starting this new blog – My first words should be THANK YOU.  Gratitude is a beautiful place to start.  Eric and Rusty:  just as I told you tonight when giving you your bags:   Badass Backpacks is a new way for us to speak to the world.  To speak our voice.  To raise our hand.  To face the front.  To ask big questions.  To stumble and discover.  To have fun doing it.  To slog through the mud.  To persist through the stuckness.  To create something beautiful, and to ship it.  Thank you for looking me in the eye and saying “I’m here, and I want to do this.”  Thank you for nudging me to keep going.  Thank you for helping me make this bag.  Thank you for putting yourself inside.

There are many people that I intend to reach out to with some special thank you messages.  Perhaps I’ll share some of those on this blog… but wait… first we need to finish what we’ve started.  To my small list of followers:  thanks for following along.  Badass Backpacks will be launching soon.  I’ll be looking forward to sharing a bit more as we go …

Onward… with gratitude,

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  1. I love this project and plan to share with my backpacking and mountain climbing grandchildren! Proud of you, Adam!

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